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Woman says Richmond school bus constantly late

Six-year-old Amari

RICHMOND, Va. — A Richmond woman reached out to CBS 6, saying at least one elementary school bus has been consistently late since school started more than two months ago.

Amari depends on the school bus to get him to Broad Rock Elementary School each morning.

However, his neighbor, Barbara Price, brings him to the bus stop every morning told CBS 6 the issue isn’t getting any better.

“It’s very very frustrating,” said Price

Price said to her knowledge, the bus is supposed to arrive at 8:33 a.m., but too often it doesn’t come until 9 a.m or later. She said she then has to drive Amari to school, causing him to be late.

“They need to get to school on time, because that’s the beginning of the school day,” said Price.

Six-year-old Amari

Price said she reached out to her area’s school board member, Derik Jones about the issue. She said after no response from him, she contacted CBS 6 for help.

She said it was after CBS 6’s phone call to Jones that she got a call back from his office Wednesday.

“Nothing at all until today,” said Price.

CBS 6 reporter Chelsea Rarrick talked to Jones who said his office has been in contact with Price. He said they contacted her once last week and again Wednesday and are working on her issue.

A RPS spokeswoman said she believes the bus schedule was adjusted earlier this week.

“We can give a little leverage, you can be a little early or a little late but not a half an hour,” said Price.

Students were not in school Wednesday. RPS is expected to have more information on the incident on Thursday.