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Police investigating carjack, shooting suspect with similar crimes in the state, sources say

RICHMOND, Va. — Richmond and Williamsburg detectives are comparing notes on the man Richmond Police say abducted two men and shot one of them in the head during an attempted robbery Monday, multiple police sources tell CBS 6.

In July, a man and woman say they were abducted at gunpoint in Colonial Williamsburg and forced to withdraw money at several ATMs. Surveillance photos show the suspect in that heist.

Criminal expert and retired Chesterfield Police Captain, Steve Neal, said the fact that suspects name hasn’t been released yet may mean he’s a suspect and some other investigations.

“In a typical law enforcement investigation, they’re going to know who their suspect is very early on in the case, and most often they are going to release that to the media,” said Neal. “The fact that in this case it’s been a few days and the name still hasn’t been released, that would lead me to believe there is a high likelihood there are some other crimes that they suspect him of and some other investigations to go through before they release the names.”

In Williamsburg the victims got away, but in Richmond, one hostage, identified as Russell Turner, was forced to lead police on a chase that ended with Turner being shot in the head by the suspect.

Monday a suspect carjacked two co-workers at the BP gas station on East Main Street near Tobacco Row and asked for money.

When the men told the gunman they didn’t have money, police said the gunman forced the men back into their SUV and told them to drive to the bank.

The victims drove to Bank of America at 1111 E. Main St., where one victim was ordered to get out. He went into the bank, according police, and called 911. Police arrived and ordered the gunman to release his hostage, but instead the vehicle drove off, weaving through city streets.

The pursuit ended with a crash in Church Hill near 25th and R streets.

Police said the gunman fired a weapon at officers after he shot the hostage in the head at point-blank range.

Neal said police have to look at similar crimes like the one in Williamsburg.

“You’re always going to look all around to see if they’re other crimes because if you are an offender and a long time criminal, which I suspect in this case he probably is, then it’s a high likelihood he has committed very similar crimes in some other jurisdiction,” said Neal.

Turner and the gunman are still listed in critical, but stable condition.

Police also have not ruled out a connection between the Williamsburg incident and other gunpoint robberies in upper York County and Langley Federal Credit Union.