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Dartmouth Student Fools Fox By Schooling Anchor On Black Lives Matter [WATCH]

Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney looks like he expected his guest from Dartmouth to join him in characterizing the Black Lives Matter protests on campus as racist and violent.

It backfired.

Varney & Co. producers appeared to have told him that his guest, Charles Lundquist, was a white supporter of Black Lives Matter, but has since withdrawn his support because their tactics are racist and violent.

Varney ran a clip of BLM protesters picketing and chanting “Black Lives Matter” in the library. Varney said one of the protesters “reduced a white student to tears” and then told her that “her tears don’t matter.”

He asked Lundquist: “I understand that you now reject Black Lives Matter tactics. You were a supporter but now you’re rejecting those tactics. Have I got this right, sir?” Varney asked.

Lundquist began his answer by first correcting Varney’s characterization of the group. He went on to explain how the media has also mischaracterized the entire movement. Varney wasn’t trying to hear it:

LUNDQUIST: I think that it’s important to recognize that what happened in that video was really a small event that was at the very end of the protest, and I was very happy with how it went up to the very end where it began to be a little bit more disruptive. Also what was said earlier about this protest being violent is not true. No one has come forward to the college saying that this was violent, and I think that it’s really an indication that the media as a whole has mischaracterized this movement to be something that was violent.

VARNEY: I want to look at that protest at Dartmouth University. That was the library. Am I right in saying that some white students, or one white student was reduced to tears because she had been called a filthy racist? It seems to me that this is a kind of racial attack. I’m sure you don’t support that, do you?