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Chicago teacher adds Chief Keef to lesson plan, upsets parents

A substitute music teacher at John Fisk Elementary has parents in a tizzy after adding controversial rapper Chief Keef to a sixth grade lesson plan.

The list of assignments for October-November included a range of questions on Keef’s music, and his extensive arrest record. One questions asking students, “Who shot Chief Keef when he was 16?”

Katrina Sanders says she found out about the assignment after her son, who “with questions about the Illuminati and was nervous and scared about the material.”After a quick Google search, Sanders was upset by what she found out about the artist her child was being quizzed on.

“I found out that his music is about having sex, using the ‘B’ word, anti-police and supporting gangs,” she said. “What happened to the musical composers? The music that this teacher is presenting is the very thing that the children don’t need: profanity, drugs and acting as if being arrested is a badge of honor.

Two weeks after filing a formal complaint, a rep for the Chicago Public Schools said in a statement that while teachers have “flexibility in making assignments,” the material should be “age-appropriate material.”

Fisk Elementary Principal Cynthia Miller wasn’t aware of the Keef assignment and is said to be reaching out to concerned parents. Even though the curriculum had been in use for months, Tuesday the teacher was removed from the school Tuesday.

An investigation has revealed that students were also given assignments on Chris Brown, Fetty Wap and Tyga.