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Obese woman reveals how surprise pregnancy turned her life around

Anyce Banks didn’t realize she was pregnant until two weeks before she gave birth, and that was the moment she decided it was time to turn her life around.

Bank, who weighed 421lbs at the time, went to the doctor complaining of “terrible stomach pain.” She had chalked it up to gas, and what’s more, she hadn’t been worried about missing a period, because she was “always irregular.” But then her doctor said that she was pregnant and that she was due any day.

“Two weeks, later I gave birth, and that’s when I knew that I had to make serious changes to get healthy so I could be there for her,” she told Women’s Health.

Getting down to her current 230 lbs was not an easy task. Although she met with a dietitian who advised her to get off of carbohydrates, she actually gained 15 lbs during the first five months.

“Since I’d only had two weeks to prepare to be a new mom, I wasn’t mentally ready to overhaul my diet, too. I emotionally ate to deal with everything,” she explained.

But then her dietitian gave her an ultimatum: shape up and follow the program, or she would be dropped as a client.

After that, Banks began to lose weight, and as she went down sizes, she found that she had more energy and even began to go on walks. Now, she is even doing things like kickboxing and cycling.

“My daughter loves to be outside and go to the park,” she explained. “For so long, I just sent her up the slide and waited at the bottom. I’ll never forget the first time I could go down the slide with her because I was small enough to fit.”