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Essence Atkins displays ‘true sisterhood’ by washing stranger’s feet

Cue the waterworks in 3..2…1.

In a true act of sisterhood, actress Essence Atkins did something that most people would throw major side eye at — washed a random woman’s feet.

The actress was promoting her new stage play, “Things Your Man Won’t Do,” at an Atlanta radio station. She then started to engage in a conversation with a woman in attendance.

The woman, Allison Person, then got a big surprise.

Atkins proceeded to roll up her sleeves and clean the Person’s feet.

“This wasn’t planned for me to do this, but sisters, it’s important that we love on each other,” an emotional Atkins said. “I know I just met you today but I know the road that you walk.”

She continued: “I want you to know that I got you, that I support you and I love you and if we don’t give that to each other y’all we are lost. We will never be what we can be.”

Person broke down in tears during Atkin’s speech and later posted a response video on Facebook sharing her thanks and desire to spread the power behind the actress’s message.

“Hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me,” Person wrote, “I hope that once you’re done watching it, you’re encouraged to go and wash the feet of your neighbor.”

We are here for all of this!