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Gunman shoots hostage in head following pursuit through Richmond, police say

RICHMOND, Va. — A gunman shot a hostage in the head and was then shot by Richmond Police officers following an afternoon police pursuit that raced in and out of several city neighborhoods. Both the hostage and gunman were rushed to the hospital where they were treated for life-threatening injuries.

Gunmen approached victims at a gas station

The situation unfolded at about 12:30 p.m. Monday when the gunman approached two people at the B&P gas station located along the 2600 block of East Main Street in Richmond and asked them for money.

When the victims replied they had no money to give, the gunman forced the victims back into their vehicle at gunpoint and ordered them to take him to a bank, Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham said.

Inside the bank

Once they arrived at the Bank of America along the 1100 block of East Main Street, the gunman ordered one of the victims to go inside and get money. Inside the bank, the victim alerted police to the situation. It was then, the gunman ordered the second hostage to drive away.

Police pursue the gunman

Police pursued the older, gold or grey-colored SUV through the city, east to west, over to the Northside, and then back downtown. A police plane tracked the vehicle as multiple units on the ground pursued.

Pursuit ends, shots fired

About 30 minutes after initial report came in, CBS 6 crews in the field reported that the chase has stopped in Church Hill north, at 26th and R Streets. It was there, police said, the gunman shot the hostage in the head. Police returned fire striking the gunman.

Two people were seen put on a stretcher and transported to the hospital.

Police have not yet released the name of the gunman or the victim,

Stuart Elementary and Armstrong High School were briefly on lockdown due to the chase.