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Video released of South Boston police tasering Richmond man, later died

RICHMOND, Va. — The family of a Richmond man who died two years ago, after being tasered by police, has released police video of the incident to CBS 6.

The video shows Linwood Lambert, who died in May 2013, being tasered by police in South Boston, Virginia right outside an emergency room.

Lambert’s family has since filed a $25 million wrongful death lawsuit.

The surveillance video was captured by the dash camera inside the squad car of one of the three South Boston police officers who transported the 46 year old to the hospital.

The officers first encountered Lambert after responding to several 911 calls from people complaining about his behavior at an area motel.

When police arrived they handcuff him and put him in a squad car, but in the video you can hear an officer tell Lambert that they are not locking him up, but that they are taking him to the emergency room.

You then hear another one of the officers calling the hospital, asking to speak to the mental health case worker who is on duty.

But things take a dramatic turn when the officers and lambert arrive at the emergency room. That is when lambert starts kicking the window of the police car he is in.

An officer tells him to stop and calm down, and when the officers try to get him out of the car, he runs away and police tasered him.

At some point Lambert suffered cardiac arrest, and was pronounced dead.

Lambert’s family has filed the suit claiming that the officers showed callous disregard in tasering him multiple times, and deprived him of medical care.

In their response to the lawsuit, South Boston police say that the tasers were only deployed because of Lambert became violent, causing damaged to property and placing the safety of others at risk. They say the officers did not use excessive force.

This case is currently before the US District Court in Danville.