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Track By Track Deitrick Haddon-‘Masterpiece’ [REVIEW]

Deitrick Haddon is back with his first album on his very own label DH Visions. ‘Masterpiece‘ was released this past Friday November 6, 2015. The album is incredible. This is his eighth album and I can tell you this may be his best album to date. It is crisp,modern, creative and relevant. The music does not take the listener for granted.

Deitrick comes out the gate with a musical sound that only he can carry off on the first track and has claimed you as a friend by the last track The entire album takes you behind the ‘persona’ to the man who has traveled a real life trial and tribulation life. You can hear the truth in his voice.

Here is a Track by Track guide to an album that has every right to be on mainstream radio as much as any other album.

Masterpiece– It is the opening track of the album and has a real R&B feeling. The rap is fresh and not ‘sing songy’ filler either. He does not throw hip hop on the track to make it modern, but to engage you on a journey. There is even a little nod to Drake. Back to Back anyone…

Sinners– The single from the album is bass heavy and showcase Deitrick’s songwriter chops. This is the song you use for teenagers and retreats to make people think. This is what one could call a club track. It has the floor bounce that one hears from cars on Saturday night.

Running– This is the movie track. You can see the visuals and feel the song going through you on a great stereo system. I couldn’t help but think about the Whispers ‘The Beat Goes On’ while I was listening to his track. This track could be a songwriters favorite. At one point in the song, you wonder where he is breathing he literally spits the lyrics so fast. When he takes the song to the crescendo in the lyric ‘Lift Your hands and tell God yes’ you are grabbed by the hand and pulled up the mountain.

Be Like Jesus- Funk is alive and well on this track! Lionel Richie and the Commodores would be proud doing this one on stage with him. Clean crisp vocals and delivery are the hallmark of this track. You will walk away humming the chorus. It’s the gospel ‘Lady You Bring Me Up’. You will chuckle when he sings ‘You’re attitude is worse than mine. You Can be a little bit more kind’.

Do It For Love -Hands down this track is one of the best tracks gospel or secular I have heard in a long time. It is strong musically and lyrically. The infectious beat reminds you of the theme song from 1960’s Dragnet television show. The song starts off in an awkward talk box place. After the intro it kicks into a bass driven song with challenging conversation. ‘I do it for love’ syncopates itself into your spirit. ‘Don’t do it for people because they change. Do it for Jesus, because he is a friend that remains the same.’ When he delivers that line you are taken by to Michael McDonald delivering stand alone lyrics in The Doobie Brothers ‘Takin’ It To The Streets’. This song invokes that same grab your tambourine feeling. The track was my absolute favorite on the album! The remix should feature Tina Campbell!

Perfect Storm – This track is the introspective conversation with Deitrick. It’s as if he invites you in to have a seat and talk with him. This is the dark track on the album. It has a serious message in its lyrics and will make you think about your own journey.

Lay It Down -‘Lay your troubles down and leave it there. You’ve got to leave your past behind.’ The song is is a Southern Gospel anthem. If you have ever seen Preachers Of L.A., you would most definitely be reminded of Deitrick’s recently passed mother-in-law Faye. You know she is smiling down on him when he sings this one! There is one line there we should all take note of . Deitrick sings: ‘If folks want to play in the dirt that you washed off years ago, let them do it.’ Good advice!