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3 Teens Get Caught After Putting Plans to Kill Other Students on Social Media


By Bo Thornton

Social media posts have become law enforcement’s best friend. Due to some not so smart criminals’ undying need for love and attention. These types tend to have uncontrollable urges to share any and everything when it comes to intimate details of their lives. They share most anything, up to and including their previous and their planned criminal activity. Because of these social media confessions, investigators’ jobs have become so much easier.

For example, take the case of three Michigan high school students who have been arrested for plotting to murder kids at a pair of local schools on Instagram as reported by USA Today.

Ryan Stevens, 18, and two unnamed 15-year-olds have been charged as adults with conspiracy to commit first-degree premeditated murder as well as being charged with a false report or threat of terrorism. These youngsters are facing some serious prison time if convicted. The conspiracy charge is punishable by life in prison and the terrorism charge is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Even more charges are possibly pending, said Allen.

“Sadly, these things happen a lot across the country and you have to take them seriously,” Allen said. “I took it seriously. The FBI took it seriously. Obviously, by the charges, the prosecutor took it seriously.”

Allen reported that the 18 year old, Stevens, was the first person to be arrested. He is a former Linden student, but Allen had few other details on the younger teens’ connection to the schools. Even though the younger teens are charged as adults, their names aren’t being released at this time. He said the investigation was continuing and that a motive was emerging, but he wouldn’t discuss it any further.

Thank God that these suspects planned this attack in plain sight over Instagram and were caught before they could carry out this heinous crime. If they were smart enough to plan in secrecy, this could very well have easily been another national tragedy to add the laundry list of multiple shootings we’ve endured over the past few years.