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14-Year-Old Girl In Hospital After Being Ran Over Viciously By A Car

By Nigel Boys

A brawl between several girls on Friday, outside Cullen Middle School, Texas, developed into something more serious, when a 14-year-old girl was run over by a car as a cell phone video recorded the incident.

DeBreanna Hunter has already undergone three surgeries in less than two days to repair the damage done when the driver of the vehicle allegedly, purposely ran over her. She was lucky to escape with her life, but still suffered a broken, crushed pelvis, broken hip bones, fractured ribs, a broken leg and damage to her liver, according to the teen’s mother, Aurelia Hunter.

ABC 13 reports that Hunter is still at Memorial Hermann Hospital where police say she is in a stable condition at this time.

“Her liver is split in two,” Aurelia continued. “She has pins in her hips. Pins in her legs,” she added.

A graphic video shows how the driver of the vehicle apparently deliberately drove towards Hunter and ran over her, according to the Daily Mail.

“This lady just literally ran her over like a piece of foil,” DeBreanna’s mother told Fox 7. “Literally broke every piece of her body.”

The Daily Mail reports that Aurelia Hunter created a GoFundMe page to help pay with medical expenses, which has raised over $1,200 of the $10,000 goal in 2 days. She describes on the page how she was already facing eviction before the incident, but now has to stay at the hospital with her other children as her daughter recovers.

“Of course this changed my life as a single mother of four we were already facing eviction now we all are here basicly living at the hospital sister’s and brother,” DeBreanna’s mother wrote on the website. “Doing so we can’t afford to eat here and nowhere to properly sleep. We need help please… No amount is to little… thanks n God bless all.”

A silver or gray Dodge Avenger is seen in the video, which also caught the scene of girls slapping and pulling each other’s hair before Hunter was ran over. The vehicle then jumps the curb, sped several yards running over the teenage girl, before she is seen rolling out from under it as it bounces over her, according to ABC 13.

KHOU reports that as Aurelia Hunter watched the video, she looks away as her daughter is struck by the car.

“That’s my daughter underneath the car and she just drives off like move or get hit or die. Phones flying. People running,” Aurelia said. “Her body is broken from the waist down. Just broken,” she adds of DeBreanna who is seen left on the ground, still alive.

The video reportedly shows phones falling to the ground as bystanders attempt to get out of the way of the vehicle which is bearing down on DeBreanna. Her 10-year-old sister reportedly witnessed the whole event as the car approached her older sister.

Another student was reportedly injured by the car and a third victim of the day was injured during the preceding fight.

Fox7 reports that Hunter’s family knows exactly who is behind this attack from working with detectives, who ran the license plate of the car seen in the video.

“You will go to jail, and you will look us in the face, and you will have to answer to a higher judge and say you didn’t even stop to apologize,” Aurelia said, adding that the driver never said “’I’m sorry, I wasn’t in my right state of mind,’ nothing.”

“You just up and left,” Hunter continued. “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I don’t care who did what. I wouldn’t do that to a child.”

ABC 13 reports that the police now say that the driver of the Avenger is an unknown black woman in her 20s. She had a passenger with her whom they’ve been able to identify, but the driver is still wanted for felony aggravated assault.

Police are asking for anyone with information regarding the incident to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS or 713-222-8477.